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"This Is Radio" - My Favorite AM Radio Show  

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Ever wondered how Nederland FM became so popular? Well, the answer lies in the many radio DJ's that have enjoyed their time on this great Australian radio station. The Nederland FM website is one of the most visited websites on the Internet and contains a great collection of music videos, which you can listen to online. Music lovers and radio DJs alike will really enjoy this unique online radio station that offers some good music choices, as well as sport highlights.

When starting your day at work, you probably won't even hear some of the top radio programs on most of the major radio stations, including Nederland FM. But, you probably should keep your ear to the ground. You might catch a great performance by an up and coming artist or band. A professional DJ will know when to pick up a rock song or when to switch to some jazz music for a nice change of pace. It's pretty cool to listen to some of the older music on this wonderful radio station as well.

If you want to learn more about the Nederland FM musicians, then visit their website to read more about them and all the music news that they have to offer. A great place to learn more about them and get updated on future shows is "This Is radio". The Nederland FM website also has great pictures of the musicians and some other things, which will definitely be a plus for everyone listening. And don't forget to follow "This Is Radio" on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on your favorite music artists and musicians. You will love all the music and news that you can get from "This Is Radio".

Another great way to support "This Is Radio" is by purchasing the "This Is Radio HD" download. This special download costs about forty dollars and will give you all the music available on "This Is Radio" at no extra charge. It is a high definition download, so it will make all your friends jealous and make you want to listen to all their shows all the time. Not to mention it will look great on your new HD TV. "This Is Radio" is truly going to blow your mind when they start playing all those songs from all those legendary artists that are on their airwaves.

Now that you are hooked, you probably want to know where all those great songs come from. Well, luckily, "This Is Radio" has a great list of those artists, along with some not so famous. This is Radio's top affiliate program in my opinion. They pay so much for every song that they play, that they need to make a few bucks back to keep doing what they do best. Every artist and song is always happy to be heard and supported.

This is just a small sampling of the great music that "This Is Radio" plays. They play all kinds of music and talk to people all kinds of ways. They are great at getting opinions and letting people know what they are all about. "This Is Radio" is my favorite type of radio show on any channel.

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